In 2013 Bevan established Mailman & Associates Pty Ltd as an innovative multi-disciplinary Indigenous professional service provider.

Legal and other professional services such as business consultancy services are delivered to clients in conjunction with selected skilled, experienced and well-resourced collaborators and partners with a shared Mailman Law vision. Mailman Law is the legal services division of Mailman & Associates Pty Ltd. It provides:

  • Culturally sensitive provision of legal services to Indigenous businesses and community not-for-profit organisations.
  • IPP qualified commercial and general legal services to Commonwealth and State Government and semi government departments and institutions.
  • Supply Nation registered commercial and general legal services to private and public enterprises. 



Corporate & Commercial

  • Corporate governance and Compliance 

  • Mergers and Acquisitions & Takeovers

  • Capital raisings and private equity transactions

  • Corporate structuring 

  • All outsourcing arrangements (goods and services) 

Intellectual Property

  • Trademarks & Copyright

  • Merchandising and licensing     

  • Franchising     

  • Information Technology      

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

  • Defamation and Media Law     

  • Building and Construction litigation

  • Mergers and Acquisitions disputes

  •  Property and Lease dispute

  • Corporate Insolvency and Reconstruction 

  • Debt Recovery

Property & Construction

  • Commercial, industrial and residential leasing 

  • Property management & maintenance 

  • Property development, joint ventures

  • Construction agreements 

  • Sub-contract arrangements 

Mining & Resources

  • Native Title

  • Operator/management agreements

  • Land Access Agreements

  • Royalty agreements    

Entertainment & Media

  • Digital game development

  • Mobile and tablet app development

  • Film, television, digital media, and arts

  • International co-productions  

  • Licensing and sponsorship agreements

  • Defamation and privacy rights matters